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Eliminating a Lackluster Learning Environment

Although teachers don’t want to believe it, there are a lot of students who just aren’t interested in learning. They become bored with the curriculum, or aren’t having certain needs met to encourage them to stay academically active. One of the biggest jobs as teachers is to make sure that all of your students are receiving the education they deserve, and are having an experience that is positive. So what can teachers do to achieve this?

One blog post that really opened my eyes to a few of the most important aspects of education is Centering on Essential Studies by Bud Hunt. Hunt explained 3 educational lenses: Making, Hacking and Playing. He explained each of these three how he saw they were a part of education. Making, being an essential part of how teaching and learning is successful. Hacking, not as a “nefarious” subject, but as a way of improving things. Last but not least, playing, as a “search for freedom within restraints.”

When I think of teaching, there are endless things that go into being a successful teacher. However, it was nice to have someone who could sum up three of the most important aspects of teaching and put them into a concise, informational blog post. I loved that Hunt took the time to go back to what hacking originally used to mean, and explained how we should take the time to “hack” education. It provided not only with a new vocabulary word, but a way to apply that word to something that I am passionate about! This post also showed to me that you’re always learning, whether you’re the teacher or the student. There is always something we can do to better ourselves and in turn, better our students too.


(Photo CC: By Anne Davis 773 via Flickr)

Bud Hunt’s blog post was a great eye-opener, but what about hearing it from the student’s point of view? An amazing video that will open up your eyes to how students in today’s society view learning is Logan LaPlante’s TED talk. Thirteen-year-old Logan touches on Hunt’s same idea of “hacking” school, but actually has real-life experiences to connect you with. He first touches on the struggles that some students face in school these days. Young students have big dreams of becoming rock stars, or skateboarders. A lot of the time, teachers are expecting something different, they want to stunt the creativity that students have.

TEDx University 2013

(Photo CC: By Bret Simmons TEDx University via Flickr)

LaPlante speaks of wanting to grow up and be happy, and live a healthy life. He talks about his life and the hack schooling he has gone through. He isn’t on a strict specific curriculum, he gets to learn however he is best suited to. This TED talk shows how the ideology of young people is so much different than those of us who have grown up. We focus on making a living as we become older, instead of simply making a life. Teachers need to realize the importance of understanding our youth and not losing how are our thought processes worked when we were younger. Overall, this video really allowed me to take a step back and see how we can be more efficient and progressive in our teaching.



3 thoughts on “Eliminating a Lackluster Learning Environment”

  1. Jalynn, I really enjoyed this post! There were several points you made that really stuck out to me! I love how you said that teachers should be wanting and making sure their students get the education that they deserve. Once a teacher falls into a routine they may stop focusing on that thought and they may just worry about getting through the year as painless as possible. I dont think this is a good teaching habit and if you keep this mindset I think you will do wonders!
    Education is about the students as individuals. They will all do things differently, its the teachers job to make sure they are getting everything they need.


    1. Thank you so much, Lacey! I agree that sometimes teachers do get into a routine and aren’t working to the best of their potential. It is there job to make sure students are getting all the resources they need! Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you could relate to some of my points!


  2. Lacey, I love your perspective on stunting student creativity. I like how you pointed out that students who have interests in going into a career that is nontraditional such as skateboarding, are often guided into a different more traditional field. However, our world needs all types and schools should be concerned with creating a school of diversity! I completely agree!!


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